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Body Microneedling

Tighten Skin, Fade Scars & Reverse Stretch Marks

Brazilian Wax Bar wants to offer this effective treatment at a fraction of the cost of most conventional facial microneedling treatments to make it available for many parts of the body. Feel more secure in your body without the cost and risks of surgery with amazing effects.

It is recommended to space microneedling out by 1 to 1.5 months to give skin ample time to heal and produce maximum collagen. This times up perfectly with Brazilian Wax Hair cycles so try out a microneedling add-on for your next wax!

Hanging Skin.png
Hanging Skin.png

Tighten Skin Without Surgery

Microneedling uses very fine needles to puncture the skin, stimulating collagen production and healing. With this extremely effective treatment, you will notice results after one session. Achieving a lifted and firm result will take at least a few sessions depending on the laxity of the skin, between 4-7 is a normal range. There is no down time like surgical skin removal or scars left behind. Microneedling is also far more affordable! This is the perfect treat for yourself after giving birth, losing weight, or to stave off aging.

stretch marks.png

Lighten Stretch Marks & Scars

Microneedling is great at diminishing scars and stretch marks. Red or purple stretch marks can turn fine white after just one treatment. Lighter stretch marks fade very easily with this modality and you can achieve increasingly amazing results over time. Microneedling works by going under the stretchmark to stimulate collagen and new skin to grow! Other stretch mark treatments waste time by focusing on the skin below which is why it has such drastic and noticeable results.

stretch marks.png
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