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Before Wax Tips

For the best possible wax experience, I highly recommend the following tips:

-Avoid caffeine for five hours before getting waxed to reduce skin sensitivity. Bring your coffee with you to drink right after!


-Stop shaving 2-3 weeks before your wax. Hair should be as long as a grain of rice, about 1/4 inch. If your hair is longer, wait for your appointment so I can trim it to the right length.


-The least sensitive time of month to wax is right after you end your menstrual cycle. Hormones are high the week before and during ​which increases pain perception.


-Discontinue exfoliation and tanning for 3-5 days before your wax.

-Blood thinning medications are contraindicated for waxing, including over the counter things like Aspirin or ibuprofen. Use Tylenol or something else the day of your wax. 

-Moisturizing helps to minimize skin irritation and prevent skin from sticking to the wax. Apply natural oils like sweet almond oil or coconut oil to the region you want to wax 1-2 times daily. Even if you start the day before it will help and it is fine to  moisturize the day of your appointment!

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