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After Wax Care

For after wax care, I highly recommend the following:

-Leave the area alone while it is irritated for the first day or so. Give the skin some air and time to heal for the day after your wax, especially a first time wax.

-Wait 24 hours before taking a hot shower because it opens the pours. Instead take a room temperature shower.

-Refrain from submerging yourself in water for 24 hours after your wax - this includes baths, pools, hot tubs, or any other form of swimming. 


-The best way to soothe your skin while it is still irritated is pure aloe vera jell or coconut oil


-Once there is no longer irritation, I recommend light daily exfoliation with a loofa, skin brush, or hand mitt. Lightly wipe over the waxed area to remove dead skin cells from building up in your hair follicle and blocking the hair from degrowing. You do not want to exfoliate harshly because inflammation will also block the hair from coming out. Consistency is key with daily light wiping off of dead skin to prevent ingrown hairs.


-Avoid bead or sugar scrubs in your Brazilian region because the hair follicles are large enough for the beads or scrubby substance to become stuck in them and cause bad ingrown hairs.

-Applying coconut oil once a day to your waxed area is recommended. Not only does moisturizing prevent the skin from sticking to the wax, it also helps to heal the skin after waxing and keep it healthy. Healthy skin is happy skin! Coconut is anti microbial, light, easily absorbed, and doesn't clog the pores like other thicker oils do. You can use any pure coconut oil like the type you find in cooking isles. It will melt in your hands when rubbed together before application.

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